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We are proud to be able to provide this web site as yet another marketing tool to our livestock producers. We now can provide up to date information that will enable us to assist you in co-ordinating your yearly marketing plans. We will be continually growing and developing with this new technology.

Here is what the web site will have to offer you

Sales Calendar:
It's all about timing…
We will have seasonal listings of all our sales. You will have an up to date sales listing to better assist you in planning your marketing strategy. 

Market Reports:
In today's ever changing market place it is important for you, the customer, to have access to current market information. In order to allow our customers access to this vital information, we will post market reports as they become available. These reports will list the number of animals sold, average weights and prices per age and gender.

We welcome our select advertisers who provide valuable services to both Heartland livestock services and our livestock producers


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In developing innovative marketing options.

In our experienced representatives.

Over 50 years of proven performance in livestock marketing.

Code of Ethics - for the proper treatment of animals.

To providing Livestock Services that add business value to our customers.