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For us, being successful means having the customer return to us for livestock marketing services. Year after year, we know that while good sale prices, competitive commission and handling rates may get customers, only great service will keep them. That's why we work hard to stand apart from the competition…we're always looking for new ways to provide our livestock producers with excellent services.

Marketing Consultations: Heartland offers assistance in developing a marketing strategy specific to your livestock operations needs and goals.

Live Auctions:
Heartland conducts live auctions both in our marketing centers and at offsite locations. We operate ten livestock marketing centers throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our marketing centers are among the largest and most modern in western Canada. Each year over 850,000 head of livestock are sold during more than 1,500 live auctions.

On-Farm Appraisals: Need to know what your livestock is worth? Marketing representatives from Heartland offer on-farm appraisals to evaluate cattle and provide timely estimates of market value. It's quick, easy and accurate.

Direct Sales: Producers are often confronted with a host of selling options. But how do you know which is the best alternative? At Heartland, we'll match potential markets to your livestock. We'll review the alternatives and help point you in the right direction.

Order Buying: Over the years, Heartland has developed an extensive buying network. Our comprehensive order buying service accesses all classes of livestock to supply your specific needs. Complete processing services and transportation arrangements to any destination are available at competitive rates.

Livestock Finance Program:
Heartland has a variety of finance programs available to our livestock producers . The livestock finance program is convenient, confidential and competitive.

Satellite Sales: These sales offer cattle to the North American market via closed circuit television, including buyer locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the United States. This type of sale gives you the opportunity to present your cattle directly to the buyer, no matter where they're located.

Livestock Exports: Heartland markets to the world. Whether it's a location in Canada, the U.S. or offshore, we actively develop new markets to bring you the best value for your livestock.

Specialized Marketing



Risk Management: Heartland offers forward production sales contracts for feeder and slaughter cattle to destinations in Canada and the U.S. You specify the cattle you want to sell and the date of delivery...we'll find the buyer and negotiate the best price possible.

Feedlots: Purchasing inventory for future delivery is also available through Heartland. Heartland has access to a wide purchasing network across western Canada and the U.S.
Customer services: Heartland Livestock can assist investors wishing to feed at custom lots, and arrange a program that will fit your feeding requirements.


We have a professional sales team that can provide a complete sales management package for the marketing of your quality purebred and seedstock cattle. Whether direct marketing a select group of f1 replacement heifers or conducting your yearly bull sale, Heartland can provide a strategy to successfully market your cattle.

Diversified Marketing:

Heartland has been actively involved in marketing bison, elk, and horses since 1988. We market over 5,000 head a year across North America. We have provided sales management for the four main bison association sales.
We have been innovators by developing new marketing options.

Heartland's Firsts

  • Presorting and commercial selling of bison by the lb
  • Satellite elk & bison sales
  • Performance test bison bull futurity
  • Selling elk by public auction
  • Conducted the first production sale for Saskatchewan and Manitoba bison association
  • Bison finance program
  • And we are constantly researching new and exciting marketing options:
    • advertising packages
    • insurance
    • facility rental
    • production sales


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In developing innovative marketing options.

In our experienced representatives.

Over 50 years of proven performance in livestock marketing.

Code of Ethics - for the proper treatment of animals.

To providing Livestock Services that add business value to our customers.