Russ Copeland  Manager  (780) 870-1181
 Barry Baczuk (Junior)  Salesman  (306) 730-0129
 Harvey Exner  Salesman  (306) 621-5486
 Garth Kowalchuk  Foreman  (306) 621-9185

For the week ending October 14, 2020  
Slaughter Cattle Range
D1 Cows .72-.81
D2 Cows .65-.75
D3 Cows .58-.65
Thin Shelly Cows .30-.60
Young Cows/ Heiferettes 0.95-1.25
Mature Bulls 1.11-1.14
Bred Cow/Heifers N/A
Cow Calf Pairs N/A
Feeder Cattle Range
900-1000 1.60-1.75
800-900 1.80-1.95
700-800 1.95-2.03
600-700 2.00-2.20
500-600 2.10-2.31
400-500 2.30-2.67
300-400 2.40-2.67
900-1000 1.50-1.61
800-900 1.55-1.62
700-800 1.61-1.71
600-700 1.70-1.81
500-600 1.85-2.02
400-500 2.00-2.17
300-400 2.00-2.40
Sheep, Lamb & Goats 1,534 sheep and goats
60-80 lb Lambs 2.25-2.50 per pound
80+ Lambs 1.90-2.34 per pound
Cull Sheep 1.58-1.88 per pound
Billy Goats 300.00 - 520.00 dollars
Nanny Goats 150.00-180.00 dollars
Goat Kids 2.45-3.05 per pound
Rams 1.46-1.86 per pound

Cattle are received the Tuesday before the sale 8am-8pm
Presorted Cattle must be booked in advance and in the yards between 4:00pm the Monday or Tuesday prior to the sale. Please put your mileage on the manifest.
Butcher Cattle are sold after the Presort Cattle on Wednesdays and will be received Tuesdays from 8am-8pm.
Bred Cow Sales - please book your cattle in advance. Cows must be in the yards by 12:00pm the Thursday prior to the sale for preg checking. Please mark on the manifest when the bull was turned out and the breed of the bull.
Horses are received Thursdays from 8am-5pm and are received up until 3:00pm before the sale starts on Friday.
Sheep are received Thursdays from 12pm-8pm and until 10am before the sale starts on Friday.
All Cattle must have CCIA tags in or we cannot sell them. If your cattle arrive at the market without tags, we will tag them for you. The fees for tagging are $15 for yearlings and calves, $25 for cows and $35 for bulls. We will not use owner supplied tags.
All Sheep must have RFID tags in or they cannot be sold. If you need to purchase tags, please contact the Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board at 1 (306) 933-5200 or www.sksheep.com.