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April 30, 2019  
April 2, 2019  
March 19, 2019  
March 5, 2019  
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All brand manifests must be filled out properly. Separate owners should be manifested separately. If there are percentage splits in ownerships, it must be clearly noted on the manifest. Phoning in or written on a separate piece of paper IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

May 17, 2019

Just over 200 on offer for the week ending May 17th, 2019.

Cow and Bull market looked steady to last week.

Good big strong Grain Fed Cows 94-101 sales to 105.

Medium and Hay Fed Cows 86-93.

Good Bulls with very few on offer 102-114.

Not a lot of Yearlings on offer.

Sales of Cows, Bulls and Yearlings are Tuesdays only for the summer months.


Tuesday May 21 Regular Sale
Tuesday May 28 Regular Sale
Please pre-book for sorted sales.

PRESORT CATTLE: Must be booked in advance  
TUESDAY SALE:  Sunday delivery 10 am - 3 pm for weighing Sunday 3 pm - 7 pm for ONS.  
THURSDAY PRESORT SALES:  Calves & Yearlings Tuesday ONS delivery receiving from 3 pm - 7 pm Wednesday delivery 10 am - 4 pm.  
COWS & BULLS: For Thursday regular sales receiving on Wednesday from Noon - 8 pm.  
BRED COW SALES: Must be prelisted. Write on manifest what they are bred to, when the Bull went out and if pulled must be on our yard by 1 pm for preg checking.  
TAGGING: All cattle must have CCIA tags. If your cattle arrive at the market without tags they will be tagged when time allows. We will NOT use owner supplied tags.  

0-25 miles 3.50%  
26-35 miles 3.25%  
36-45 miles 3.00%  
46-60 miles 2.75%  
61-75 miles 2.50%  
76-90 miles 2.25%  
91-100 miles 2.00%  
101-125 miles 1.50%  
126-150 miles 1.00%  
151-175 miles 0.50%  
176-200 miles 0.00%  
201 miles or over, or overnight stand 0.00%